Jun 16
The Cost of Panic Revisited by Cadence WM

We had a piece in the September 2013 Cadence Clips called “The Cost of Panic”.  In it, we showed how investors who panicked and deviated from their investment plans when stock prices dropped from 2007 to 2009 caused irreparable harm … Continue reading

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May 12
Ask Cadence: When Will Stocks Look Attractive Again? by Cadence WM

When we look back 100 years at the relationship between the size of the stock market and the underlying economic fundamentals either by way of gross domestic product (GDP) or the amount of “stuff” that corporations produce (Gross Value Added), … Continue reading

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Apr 14
Well, That Escalated Quickly by Cadence WM

In four weeks, stock markets have given back more than three years-worth of gains. For our number-oriented readers, that equates to losses accumulating 40 times faster than gains. As the expression goes; “risk happens fast”. If the month of March … Continue reading

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Mar 4
The Coronavirus Wake-up Call by Cadence WM

If the latest data using the best meteorological methods available suggests there’s a storm coming and one takes actions to prepare, does that qualify as panic? One of the things we’ve noticed over the years in raising flags about the … Continue reading

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Feb 11
SECURE Act by Cadence WM

On December 20, 2019 the President signed into law the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act (the SECURE Act). The new law is intended to expand opportunities for individuals to increase their retirement savings. Some of the changes … Continue reading

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Jan 23
Financial Planning in Turbulent Times by Cadence WM

The world most of us were born into included headlines in the morning papers (which were from the night before), headlines in the evening papers, an hour block of local and national news, and then late night local news to … Continue reading

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Jan 8
A Belly Full of Parasites by Cadence WM

In this month’s Cadence Clips newsletter, we discussed the fact that not all is well within the belly of this bull market. Although indexes are near all-time highs, that’s not the case for all stocks within those indexes. We refer … Continue reading

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