Jul 19
Ask Cadence: What causes inflation and where do we expect it to go? by Casey Clarke

This question has both a simple textbook answer and one that is much more nuanced. Humans always seek to simplify the complex. We establish shortcuts, or heuristics to help us make sense of things and keep from getting bogged down. … Continue reading

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Jun 13
Ask Cadence: Is the recent pullback in stocks almost over? Can I safely invest now? by Casey Clarke

We don’t think so, and no, it isn’t safe to invest in markets now. Growth has been slowing in recent months and we anticipate the slowdown will accelerate. This was likely even before inflation hit 8.5% and key borrowing rates … Continue reading

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May 12
The Netflix Eruption by Casey Clarke

As we addressed in the Monkey and the Volcano parable, there eventually comes a time when extreme volcanic pressure releases itself all at once. Markets are no different. Extreme buying pressure over time inevitably leads to sudden eruptions that send … Continue reading

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Mar 15
The Monkey, the Volcano, and the Dangers of Rationalizing Risk by Cadence WM

Half way up the slope of a volcano lived a monkey. Like his fellow monkeys, he spent the majority of his days picking and eating fruit off the trees growing on the side of the volcano. Unbeknownst to his friends, … Continue reading

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Feb 16
How Should I Know If My Diversified Portfolio Returns Are Good Enough? by Cadence WM

It’s not easy for a diversified investor to know what their investments should be returning over most time frames. Just because the S&P 500 is up 15% this year, should you be too?  The S&P 500 plus dividends was up … Continue reading

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Jan 12
Pick Your Poison by Casey Clarke

We typically operate day to day within the guardrails of precedent, making decisions and evaluating outcomes based on what we’ve observed and those things that have played out in the past. Certain rhythms repeat for certain reasons which is why … Continue reading

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Dec 20
Under the Hood by Cadence WM

A sign of exhaustion in markets can be when markets are rising despite not all stocks acting well. When we redefine what is known in the technical analysis world as the Hindenburg Omen by looking at days when there are … Continue reading

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Dec 14
The Danger of Owning the “Market” by Casey Clarke

As of the time this article is being written, October has shaped up to be another stellar month for the stock market. Going back to the lows in March of last year, the S&P 500 has more than doubled, pretty … Continue reading

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Nov 16
Series I Savings Bonds: What You Need To Know by Cadence WM

With the Federal Reserve keeping interest rates at zero and Fed Chairman Powell saying last month that the Fed “is not even thinking about thinking about raising rates”, interest on your cash reserves is very hard to come by. Also, … Continue reading

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Nov 11
Open Enrollment Time: Things to Consider by Cadence WM

As summer ends and fall begins, another seasonal event is about to happen: workplace open enrollment. If your employer offers benefits, now is a good time to reexamine your options and coverages to see if you should make any changes … Continue reading

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Oct 14
Charting a Path Through Uncertain Times by Cadence WM

When people feel like they have a lot of control over their lives, uncertainty is a mild irritant at worst, and a fun challenge at best.  The uncertainty of what you’re going to do when you wake up in an … Continue reading

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Sep 13
Capital’s Been Winning at Labor’s Expense by Cadence WM

If there’s one thing that most people would agree on, it’s that having an economy that benefits both the worker and the business owner is a good thing – the best of both worlds. There is opportunity for those who … Continue reading

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Aug 11
Change Happens by Cadence WM

Change is a funny thing. It’s one of the only constants in life; something we can depend on. Whether we’re talking about the four seasons, aging, health, or quality of life, we can depend on change to shuffle things up … Continue reading

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Jul 17
Homer Simpson . . . Financial Role Model? by Cadence WM

“The Simpsons” debuted on Fox on December 17th, 1989.  At that time the patriarch of the family, Homer, was 34 years old, putting him solidly in the middle of the Baby Boom generation.  His wife, Marge, also a Baby Boomer, … Continue reading

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Jun 9
People Are Dying To Access Your Financial Accounts: Don’t Let Them by Cadence WM

It’s a pretty common occurrence to hear someone has had their identity stolen, or credit cards duplicated, or bank account compromised.  Despite the security industry’s best efforts, there are still weak links in the chain when it comes to our … Continue reading

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May 19
How Serious is This Inflation Thing? by Cadence WM

Although not everyone fully understands inflation and its pernicious impact on standards of living over time, all of us have experienced it and know what it feels like in the moment. It’s annoying to pay more for something than we … Continue reading

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