Becoming a Client


How often would I meet with an advisor?

We meet with our clients between 2 and 3 times per year on average with some clients preferring more frequent meetings.

Where would I meet with my advisor?

We meet with our clients both in-person in our Westborough office and virtually via web meeting, whichever clients prefer.

Do you charge a percentage of assets under management?

Yes. That percentage is based on the mix of investment strategies that you choose.

Do you charge a fee for financial planning services?

Yes. The fee is determined based on the complexity of your financial situation, and since financial planning is an ongoing process, that fee is assessed annually.

Can I communicate with my advisor between meetings? Is there an additional charge for that?

Yes, your advisor is always available to communicate either via phone or email as needs or questions arise. There is no additional cost for that level of service.

How do I know my advisor is staying on top of market developments and managing my portfolio accordingly?

Because Cadence manages client portfolios actively, you can rest assured that your portfolio is adapting to changes in the markets both before and as they happen. In addition, we publish “Cadence Clips”, our monthly letter to clients to make sure that we are communicating these developments along the way.

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