Investment Management

Our Investment Management Philosophy

Building wealth is a marathon, not a sprint. At Cadence our goal is to help you achieve solid financial performance over the long term, in spite of what the markets or the economy might do in the short term. Our approach is hands-on and proactive, always with a mind toward your individual goals, risk tolerance and best interests.

At Cadence, we take two different approaches to managing assets:

Traditional, Tactical Asset Allocation

Our investment team uses a core diversified strategy that’s tactically managed to capture market inefficiencies in various asset classes over time, while striving to maintain a below-market risk posture. It’s a solution that can be tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Actively-Managed Strategies

These strategies are designed to capitalize on trends that develop in the markets over the short-term, with a goal of limiting losses in unfavorable market environments while taking advantage of upward trending markets. In these accounts, we employ technical analysis and proprietary, rule-based modeling. Click here to learn more about our proprietary research.


Our Investment Management Process

Our in-depth investment management process helps ensure that we are investing your assets in the way that’s most closely aligned with your objectives and most beneficial to you over the long-term.

Discovery Meeting:

The first step is a conversation about your financial circumstances, investment experience and expectations, your current portfolio, and other topics that will help us develop a comprehensive investment management plan.

Investment Management Proposal:

Next, we develop an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that incorporates your goals, assumptions, likes and dislikes and other portfolio management preferences.


The Cadence investment management team will facilitate the paperwork and set-up process to ensure a smooth transition of funds and implementation of your plan.

Review & Ongoing Service:

We prefer to meet with you at least twice per year to review your circumstances, the investment landscape and your portfolio progress. We also send out communications relating to the markets, economy, current events and specific investment strategies we manage.


To learn more about investment management at Cadence, or to plan a complimentary initial meeting, call 508.898.0400 or email .