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Although the rationale for this is sound, waiting to invest can be tricky because it’s always difficult knowing when the time is right to start putting money to work. Usually the best time to get invested is when the world feels scariest. The economy is struggling, the stock market is down significantly, and it’s possible that the stability of your income and financial well-being is also in question making the decision to invest money that you feel you can’t afford to lose a tough one. For this reason, we feel it’s important to always stay invested in a strategy that helps you navigate the up and downs of markets and takes the emotion out of the equation at the most critical points –  market tops and bottoms. As we all know, it’s impossible to pick them. That’s where active management and rule-based investing comes into play. These types of approaches will typically have more conservative portfolio allocations in expensive markets like we’re in now. This is certainly the case for our clients who are utilizing active management.