Jun 13
Ask Cadence: Is the recent pullback in stocks almost over? Can I safely invest now? by Casey Clarke

We don’t think so, and no, it isn’t safe to invest in markets now. Growth has been slowing in recent months and we anticipate the slowdown will accelerate. This was likely even before inflation hit 8.5% and key borrowing rates … Continue reading

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May 12
The Netflix Eruption by Casey Clarke

As we addressed in the Monkey and the Volcano parable, there eventually comes a time when extreme volcanic pressure releases itself all at once. Markets are no different. Extreme buying pressure over time inevitably leads to sudden eruptions that send … Continue reading

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Mar 15
The Monkey, the Volcano, and the Dangers of Rationalizing Risk by Cadence WM

Half way up the slope of a volcano lived a monkey. Like his fellow monkeys, he spent the majority of his days picking and eating fruit off the trees growing on the side of the volcano. Unbeknownst to his friends, … Continue reading

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Feb 16
How Should I Know If My Diversified Portfolio Returns Are Good Enough? by Cadence WM

It’s not easy for a diversified investor to know what their investments should be returning over most time frames. Just because the S&P 500 is up 15% this year, should you be too?  The S&P 500 plus dividends was up … Continue reading

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Jan 12
Pick Your Poison by Casey Clarke

We typically operate day to day within the guardrails of precedent, making decisions and evaluating outcomes based on what we’ve observed and those things that have played out in the past. Certain rhythms repeat for certain reasons which is why … Continue reading

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