Jul 16
Retirement Uncertainties: Why Financial Planning is Necessary > Issue 4 > When Should Someone Start Taking Social Security? by Cadence WM

There is an abundance of online advice on this topic.  For every year beyond your full retirement age you delay taking social security benefits, those benefits go up 8%.  As a result, many Internet experts say that’s the way to … Continue reading

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Jun 11
Retirement Uncertainties: Why Financial Planning is Necessary > Issue 3 > The Potential Pension Bomb by Cadence WM

Most American workers received pensions in past decades.  When pensions started becoming more scarce, it forced Americans who had no real knowledge of saving and investing to manage their own money they would need to secure their retirements.  By most … Continue reading

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May 20
Retirement Uncertainties: Why Financial Planning is Necessary > Issue 2 > Healthcare Spending Is Increasing Faster Than the General Inflation Rate by Cadence WM

The changes to what we pay for the goods and services we buy do not increase by the same rate every year; some years they go up slowly, some years they jump up, and some years the cost of certain … Continue reading

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May 6
Retirement Uncertainties: Why Financial Planning is Necessary > Issue 1 > Retirees’ expectations are based on a past that will probably not be the future by Cadence WM

The only certainty about the future is that it is uncertain.  When it comes to retirement planning, identifying the uncertainties and their potential financial impacts are our best shots at protecting ourselves from those things that could prevent us from … Continue reading

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Apr 22
Either You Believe in Magic or You Believe in Math by Cadence WM

What we have been experiencing in financial markets the last few years has been truly mind-boggling. We would venture to say that nobody could have come even remotely close to forecasting the combination of events that have played out since … Continue reading

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Apr 10
There Will Be A Downside To This Investment Cycle by Cadence WM

Since the US stock market bottomed after the Financial Crisis in March of 2009, large cap US stocks have returned around 15% per year.  The vast majority of other investment categories have not enjoyed nearly the returns of the US … Continue reading

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Mar 25
What’s Changed Since December? by Cadence WM

Simply put, stocks have continued to rise in February while growth data has continued to weaken – fairly decisively. If all one cares about is investing in what’s currently going up, then this rally in stocks seems like a no-brainer. … Continue reading

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Feb 19
The Monkey and the Volcano: A Cadence Fable Revisited by Cadence WM

While we don’t know whether or not the rumblings heard during the 4th quarter of 2018 were just more noise or the precursor of a much larger pyroclastic flow, we thought it may be a good time to revisit the … Continue reading

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Feb 11
What to Think of Interest Rates and Bonds – Revisited by Cadence WM

We wanted to revisit a blog post from exactly one year ago today that touched on why a rapid rise in interest rates matters for stocks. At the time – Feb 9, 2018 – interest rates had risen over 100% … Continue reading

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Jan 8
Losses Get No Respect by Cadence WM

When it comes to investing, everybody thinks about progress in terms of returns. This makes sense since without them financial goals are much harder to achieve, but very little time is spent thinking about losses and the role they play … Continue reading

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