Mar 15
Ask Cadence: If the only way to earn a meaningful return on my investment is to take risk, how do I balance the different types of risk within my portfolio? by Cadence WM

The most important thing to understand when building an investment portfolio is that all investments worth considering can and most likely will lose money at some point. Unfortunately this is just how it works. The key is to make sure … Continue reading

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Feb 26
The Epic Disconnect by Cadence WM

What we’re experiencing in the financial markets right now is unique while at the same time very similar to previous bull markets. Those contending that this time is different are correct. We’ve never had synchronized global monetary easing on the … Continue reading

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Feb 9
What to Think of Interest Rates and Bonds by Cadence WM

Bubbles are dynamic and as a result, different each time. But one common theme amongst them has been the tendency for interest rates to play a role in their eventual demise. Looking back 30 years, there seems to be a … Continue reading

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Jan 18
Goals Are Bigger Than Short-Term Investment Returns by Cadence WM

This current bull market started in March 2009, making it the second longest bull market in investment history. You can just glance at a chart of the S&P 500 and see that bull markets, especially big ones, do eventually come … Continue reading

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