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Proprietary Research

At Cadence, we are uniquely able to provide our clients with a service usually available only to ultra-high net worth individuals and institutions: Actively managed strategies incorporating technical analysis in addition to a traditional fundamental approach. We believe this provides our clients with an additional level of diversification not available in a standard asset allocation model. These actively managed strategies are driven by our proprietary research with a focus on reducing investment risk over time.

Our research shows that achieving long-term success in financial markets is more about minimizing risk than taking it. Since we don’t have a crystal ball, we don’t attempt to predict the next crisis. Rather, we’ve developed an approach to asset management that helps minimize exposure to markets when risks are elevated and increase exposure when risks are low. The ultimate goal is to lessen the impact of down markets while identifying ways to participate in healthy ones.

Elements of our proprietary research that factor into the asset management process include:

  • Understanding and measuring investor sentiment
  • Observing the relationship between different market indices (e.g. S & P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial)
  • Identifying potential signs of institutional buying and selling and its impact on markets
  • Understand the long-term implications of the difference between missing the worst vs. best market days
  • Measuring the effect of combining multiple investment approaches on long-term risk and performance statistics

Fact Sheets

We manage two different technical strategies at Cadence, both of which leverage our in-house research.

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